MBP showreel 2016/17

jive aces music video

This was a music video that I was 2nd cam on.

kit from last weeks shoot

Ok so last week I was in London on a shoot with my 7d but with an amazing rig, now ive got a bit of time I thought i would let you know what the rig was!

So i had a zacuto sniper rig with follow focus

heres the pic

Then I was using Zeiss Planar T lenses with canon mount - 21mm, 35mm,50mm and 85mm

matte box and a magic arm to add back end weight as well as my normal kit, the 7d, view finder, audio set up.

I have to say that the zeiss lenses are the nicest glass i've ever used they really were stunning, great feel amazing look and so fast!

canon 7d flash speedlight 580ex11

Just picked up the speed light today and it is amazing wireless remote flash is great!

Heres a pic

Its so much fun!

playsport advert going live

Just had confirmation from clearcast that the advert I have been working on with David Lumsden has been approved to be aired on STV, it goes out next week yeye!

commercial reel

this is my new/old slightly modified commercial reel!

Heres a music video for the young fathers new single

big shoot last week

Working on a big shoot last week in london and was using my 7d but with lots of fun things added on heres a pic