showreel 2014

New photography website plus other cool stuff

Hello ok so ive finally put my images into one place:

And here's an image i took for a recent client :-)

fashion and barbados

I was recently in Barbados and here are a couple more stills from a shoot I did whilst I was out there :-)
Let me know what you think :-)


following up from the pics yesterday heres the video:

Hope you guys like :-)

ok so im back and posting again!

Its been crazy busy but here are a few stills from various shoots over the last few months :-)

Happy New Year!

So its 2014 yey! This is going to be a pretty fun year!

And to kick things off we have a new showreel (above)

And as always I was working On the 31st of December and here are a few pics :-)

Chvrches were playing on the stage where I was doing the vision mix, they were awesome!

 This is the view I had of the fireworks:

Heres a shot of what I was watching most of the night:

This is Andy, he made sure everything looked pretty:

Django Django were playing, and they were awesome too!

This is the epic crew!:

Fashion, make up and glamor

Here are some shots I recently took for Judit an amazing make up artists that we work a lot with! The awesome model is Bo

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The best camera is the one you have with you.

The title post quote is from chase Jarvis an awesome photographer. And what I though I would do is show you all some of the iPhone shots we have taken over the last few months :)

The first image is an adapted pov head support for a shoot we have just done- video will follow soon!

Dundee mountain film festival yey:

Some pretty mics!

We are working with enermech at the moment and lots of cool pics to come soon:

Working on a recent project for dobbies garden centres with the leith agency we had several late nights with will Beezlar an awesome animator and his cat decided it wanted a selfie :

Te leith team at dobbies:

The best beans in the world:

Lots more fun stuff to come soon :)