showreel 2014


following up from the pics yesterday heres the video:

Hope you guys like :-)

ok so im back and posting again!

Its been crazy busy but here are a few stills from various shoots over the last few months :-)

Happy New Year!

So its 2014 yey! This is going to be a pretty fun year!

And to kick things off we have a new showreel (above)

And as always I was working On the 31st of December and here are a few pics :-)

Chvrches were playing on the stage where I was doing the vision mix, they were awesome!

 This is the view I had of the fireworks:

Heres a shot of what I was watching most of the night:

This is Andy, he made sure everything looked pretty:

Django Django were playing, and they were awesome too!

This is the epic crew!:

Fashion, make up and glamor

Here are some shots I recently took for Judit an amazing make up artists that we work a lot with! The awesome model is Bo

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The best camera is the one you have with you.

The title post quote is from chase Jarvis an awesome photographer. And what I though I would do is show you all some of the iPhone shots we have taken over the last few months :)

The first image is an adapted pov head support for a shoot we have just done- video will follow soon!

Dundee mountain film festival yey:

Some pretty mics!

We are working with enermech at the moment and lots of cool pics to come soon:

Working on a recent project for dobbies garden centres with the leith agency we had several late nights with will Beezlar an awesome animator and his cat decided it wanted a selfie :

Te leith team at dobbies:

The best beans in the world:

Lots more fun stuff to come soon :)

lots of projects and a geeky camera problem.

At the moment we are knee deep in tonnes of projects which is super exciting! we just finished a big job for the leith advertising agency and are now working with several large oil firms on some great projects!

Alongside that we have a huge job kicking off with MCL and Aegon and its all go!

But the biggest question on my mind right now is a new camera!

There are so many choices at the moment. I love shooting on the Alexa but im not going to buy one!
But then there is the black magic camera, epic, scarlet, sony f5, sony f55, canon c500, sony fs700 (with 4k adapter) canon 5dmk3 with raw hack (slightly dubious about the post work flow!)

And so im totally lost haha so if anyone out there can suggest something that works please let me know as im in the mood to geek out of cameras :-)

More fashion

Here are a few pics from shoots that we have done recently: