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Its May whooooo!!

5 months into 2016 and it has been pretty incredible so far!

MBP has been doing some pretty fun different and engaging work recently and we have been around the world a bit again! here's some pics:

Dubai was incredible one of our favorite clients showed us a part of Dubai that we had never experienced before which was awesome!!

The desert in Dubai:
This was 30 sec from my hotel which is not a bad view!
When I had breakfast at the top of a very tall building:
Then we went to Berlin:

and then we were airside at heathrow: 

and then we were in the Caribbean:

and at the same time we have been delivering a huge mix of work for clients: From animation for fife council: 
To helping the SNP deliver video content across Scotland: 
As well as content for Babcock Marine and Technology 
Oh and Matt's Book went to number one on Ibooks whoooo!! 

and you can get it here if you missed it: 
click here to buy And we have also got our new instagram account up and running here: