Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Long term review!

Ok so before I start I need to make it very clear that I love these guys:

Go and check them out they are made in Glasgow and they are epic!

A couple of years ago we did some work for them and I got to try out the bags and they are awesome!

Since then i have been using them alot and more recently they have just released a camera insert for the wee lug messenger and it is awesome thats the orange thing!!! 

I had a play with it on a recent shoot on Eriskay and with a new edition bannoch backpack
I managed to get all my camera gear in a secure - weather tight and just plain epic looking setup

Its hard to know where to start on reviewing this as I can't come at it from an unbiased view! I really do love them - ive taken these 2 bags across the UK - with clothes for a week (admittedly i dont change much!  plus computer, hard drives,cameras (yes upto 5 cameras - hassleblad h4d, canon 7dmk2, polaroid and muji 2 plus lenses!)

They are comfy - like really comfy - the rucksack especially as its a great size and just fits eveyrthing right if you know what I mean!

The buckles are lush too - they are clever and designed and yet feel effortless to use.

I have alot of bags - as I have alot of gear but I use these every day for business, pleasure and well even taking in the clothes for my new baby at the hospital - what more can I say

go check them out !!!!

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  1. The backpack looks stylish I might say. I would love it if you would add some details like your equipment setup inside the bag, how do you place a camera securely inside, etc. I'm currently looking for camera bags that is convenient and stylish at the same time but its convenience is more important. Thanks for sharing btw.



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