Monday, 10 May 2010

glide cam and pain

I was helping a friend out shooting some stuff for his show reel his name is Rob and this is his website and I was asked to shoot a scene from angels in america, in the original it is a steady cam shot with a few cut aways in between. So I thought it would be an interesting idea to shoot it all in one shot. Rob had borrowed a glide cam and I mounted the 7d on it.

Thats the glide cam, and after an 8 min take it is a total killer! The shots are nice very fluid and look like a steady cam rig (ish) but the pain!!! The main issue with it is the handle it is incredibly difficult to hold steady for any length of time.

Ill post some of the tracking shots when they are done so you can see what it looks like.


  1. What company makes that glide cam

  2. hello sorry for the late reply its these guys

  3. I got this one on Amazon. It doesn't work for heavy cameras, but for cameras about 2 lbs and under it does a nice job.glidecam



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