Tuesday, 28 June 2011

at 4am as the sun came up over Glencoe

I was filming for Mightysmall, it was alot of fun and got some stunning footage, its amazing how great the Highlands looks before 9am! 

Friday, 17 June 2011

Working with elph on BBC graphics

At the moment im working on a massive project for the BBC, Elph (check his website here ) is producing amazing graphics and im animating them. It is a full 6 part tv series and we have over 10 min of motion graphics to create and its some pretty crazy cool stuff!

But whilst we render I take photos and here's some of the pics.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

lensbaby composer image

This was an image I took with the lensbaby composer on the 7d and then did some post work in photoshop.

steadyicam flyer and canon 5DMKII

Yesterday i was on a music video shoot and got to steadicam op a steadicam flyer and a canon 5DMKII which was pretty cool, had to do some adjustments to get it balanced, used 3 extra batteries on the base the add weight and then changed the monitor over from the PAL steadicam standard one to the marshall with HDMI input so I could run straight out of the 5D. I was using the 17-40mm l series lens which worked really well for what we were doing.

The actually movement was pretty tough as it is sooo light compared to a xdcam for example and so keeping it steady was interesting!

But the amount of time you can op before getting fatigued is massively extended because of the reduction in weight.

I don't naturally have the steadicam build and so when I operate larger rigs it can be a bit of a killer but with the flyer I found I could wear it for 20-30 min at a time and not die! Which is great.

Here are some pics

Monday, 13 June 2011

3d article

This is the 3d article I wrote now on mac world's website:

I've always wanted an article of Mac world!!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

BBC New Comedy Award 2011 with Lens Baby

On Friday last week I was shooting for the BBC and the Lensbaby's had just arrived and so have a look and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

under water

I was in Aruba a few months ago and got to go diving with some friends and took my under water camera
Heres what I filmed! Music is by Jim Frankel who is an amazing musician!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

lensbaby composer

Ok so this is the lensbaby composer in the center of the stage for the BBC shoot, now it arrived at 2pm and we were shooting at 2.30 so I didn't get much time to play with it but it went straight into action! 
Now Ill do a proper posting of the lens and some test photos and footage over the next few weeks but so far I have to say its alot of fun, The footage out of it was great! And really is so so so much fun to play with!!!!

BBC New Comedy Award 2011

On Friday I was shooting with a BBC team headed up by Siddharth Khajuria (amazing bloke) and we were shooting on canon 7d's and a 60d, it was alot of fun and to make it even cooler lens baby had just sent me over a couple of their lenses to try out which I will post lots more info on in the next few days they are super fun!!!! But heres a couple of pics of me whooo and heres a link to more pics

Ill post the video as soon as its up which should be in a few days and you can see some of the really fun wide angle stuff I shot using the lens baby.

Friday, 3 June 2011

unedited pics from canon 7d with hassy 80mm lens

Heres some pics now I havn't done anything with them at all but just wanted to show you some stills.

Shooting wise was really fun, a few issues, infinity isn't infinity on the adapter I have which is a bit annoying and also mid way through playing the lens locked on me, this was very annoying as I didnt know how to fix it so did a quick google search when I got in and is actually really easy all you need to do it use a coin on the winding mechanism on the back of the lens and twist!


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