Saturday, 24 November 2012

So busy!

I've been really rubbish and not posted for ages! I've been super busy doing loads of stuff at the moment just working with Elph on a really fun project for a huge client and doing some nice animated graphics. Got loads of cool stuff to come as well, done a couple of really nice photo shoots over the last few weeks and ill post some pics soon. DOing up the house which is crazy - who would have thought that after all the hardcore building work the most mess has come from the decorating! Got some really cool projects set up for the end of the year and 2013 is shaping up to be Epic! Talking about epics trying to figure out what new camera to get. I'm very tempted by an epic or a sony fs700 or a canon c300! Really havent got a clue haha so many fun cameras to play with!! I promise ill start posting more cool stuff soon. Oh and I picked up a beauty dish last week which is AMAZING!


In a few days time I will have lived in Scotland for as long as I have lived in England - 17 years in both and I wanted to share my top ten ...