MBP showreel 2016/17

an old animation

Some typographic moving after effects stuff i did.


 This is the first part of a bbc show i produced (and Steady cam opped) over the weekend, David Lumsden Directed we had 5 7d's, 3 sony xdcam and a red cam.

playsport advert

RED cam

This week i was shooting on this, which was nice. I will put up some pics when i get chance. And some behind the scenes footage will be coming soon.
It is an amazing camera for image quality, shooting at 4k is amazing but it is heavy and not that ergonomic, its really tough doing any handheld stuff but it is so so so so so pretty.

Sir Charles Mackerras

 Sadly Sir Charles Mackerras passed away a few weeks ago. This was a video i edited of him for Linn Records back in February.


Its been nuts at the moment got so much filming work to do over the next 2 weeks!

I will post everything when its done all very exciting and some of the work is massive!!