Tuesday, 28 August 2012

August is nearly over :-)

I can honestly say that this August has been one of the most mental August's i've ever had!

Here are a few pics to show what ive been upto - lots more to come and obviously videos :-)

Saturday, 18 August 2012


If you have been following my blog you will get that I'm quite busy and when I don't post for a bit that's mainly because I'm really busy!

August in edinburgh is always my busiest time of year mainly down to one thing the festival, but this year we have had the Olympics!

So every night over August Mbp is covering late n live from 1am till 4 in all the glorious comedic chaos and gill and I were at the Olympics working with Emma Brumpton at Jamaica house, last week we were at glen eagles working with the amazing Fraser Balgowan and ps I got the first prototype of my camera bag - very excited!!!

I was also in york for Heineken!!

Next week is a very fun week, I'm shooting for the NHS we ( scott and Mik) are shooting an advert for a huge Hungarian company working with the awesome Elaine then shooting a fashion video for Iona Crawford.

And as if this wasn't enough we also moved house in a building site so right now I've just finished sanding the upstairs floors - including my soon to be office ( I can't wait to have a desk again!)

So roll on September and the. I'll post lots of very cool pics :-)

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Friday, 3 August 2012

DP reel

I was asked today to put together a quick reel of some of my cinematography for some great directors a work with in LA and so i thought i would put it on my blog :-)

Gill and I at the Olympics

 Whats great about the olympics is Gillian (my wife) who is a writer and blogger is with me blogging for the Jamaican team.

Here is a link to her first blog post check it out lots of cool photos :-)

Gillian's blog on the first day of the olympics

the olympics

For the next 4 days I'm working with Endeavour TV at Jamaica House for the olympics, lots of videos to follow soon but in the meantime I thought I would post this image of linford christie, Judy McCluskey of McCluskey's pr and Emma of Endeavour.

Lots of fun was had and it was all a bit mental!!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lots going on as usual!

So gill and I have just moved house whoo and at the moment there is no bathroom or kitchen but we did sand one of the floors in our new house ready for all our stuff here's a pic

And at the same time I am working with the gilded balloon for the edinburgh festival with a great crew and heres a pic of our half rigged control :

Gill and I are also leaving tommorrow for the Olympics to film with Emma of endeavour tv and Getty

So it's all a bit mad but very exciting!!!

Oh and last week Scott and I filmed for Heineken here's another pic of the shoot :

So all in all lots of fun stuff but the best thing ever is my new hard hat which is industry tested and certified :

Yep that's right it's in the shape of a Stetson !!!

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