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Ok this is slightly off my usual topic but I love this video!

I was shooting a music video a few weeks ago with a guy going mental in front of a camera. I just finished the edit and then I saw this:

Arri Alexa

I was on an ad shoot for Newhaven yesterday and we were using this:

The Arri Alexa,

I was shooting some online content so didn't actually get to play with it but the footage looked incredible!  And the camera itself looked awsome!! I can't wait to get a shot with it!

and more tests!

Today i've been looking at various styles for a project ive got coming up so heres another one but this time a still.

Edinburgh Botanical Gardens

Something a little different...

Crazy busy week

This week has been nutts i've been in 5 different countries! Here are some images of where I've been. More to follow.

nominated for Youtube Dogooder award

Hi Everyone David, Krish, myself and onekind have been nominated for Youtube Dogooder award. Our video was the only UK charity video in there from 1000 internationally.

Now there’s a week of voting!!!

Please vote for us its the onekind video and ask everyone you know to do likewise! would be very much appreciated!

the young fathers

Im doing some work with the young fathers at the moment and here are some pics I shot of them last week in camden.