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Thursday, 28 July 2011

update of stuff

Ok so at the moment doing a crazy amount of stuff heres a list of things for this week!

1) BBC transition graphics and intro sequence with ELPH - will be airing in the Autumn
2) Working for Harper Collins the book company doing the history of their dictionaries and of the Times atlas which is possibly the most beautiful atlas in the world especially the new one!
3) putting together a promo film for skinny fibre extreme a new healthy natural weight loss pill
4) just finished a colour correct for a Doc for my friends in LA Daniel and Bayou
5) Putting together tutorial videos for how to learn to play the bagpipes
6) Just finished the music video for Bigelow tea it should be online next week very excited.
7) just delivering a video for mighty small the ad agency in edinburgh for a very cool client which should be up in a week or so too.
8) Finishing some promo shots for Any colour black a very cool band on black sugar records

so its been a bit nuts cant wait for christmas :-)

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