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New Kit for 7d

It's Been a while since I posted about any of the equipment I'm using just now so I thought I would upload some pics and talk about my new gear.

Let's start with the lens, its the sigma 10-20mm 3.5 and it is super wide!! I mean crazy wide its amazing, it is also pretty compact and not crazy heavy, i've been playing around with it and the image quality is incredibly good. The build quality is great and the auto focus is quite and quick. The only downside is that their is allot of distortion, this is expected from something so wide but it does mean that you are limited to what kind of shoots you can use this on.

Overall though I really love it.

Next my red rock micro custom built rigg, I say custom built as I put all the bits together myself haha. I wanted a rigg that was light, portable, really well made, had room to expand and was cheap (ish). I couldn't find anything like that so I decided to buy all the component parts and put it together. The Red Rock system is amazing, the quality is incredible and what I love about it is that I can improve on it and change it as funds come in.

Extended battery pack, I found this on ebay for £10 and I couldn't not buy it! Its been really useful, the build quality is awful! But it doubles my battery life and if im in a place where I can't recharge my canon batteries I can use AA's which is great although I don't know how long they would last.

And lastly an LED onboard camera light. I don't know much about it as it was a christmas present but I have to say it is incredible, you can power it from a whole host of different batteries and just with AA's the power off the light is amazing! and I think they are really cheap, they are really light and super portable.

More new kit to come but just now that's all i've got :-)


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