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glide cam and 7d

as promised here is a shot scene of the glide cam in use


  1. What is the difference between a glide cam and a steadicam? Or are they the same thing?

  2. A glide cam is a cheaper alternative and different brand, if you check out the glide cam blog ive got an image of it. The one i was using didnt have a vest or arm support so it becomes very difficult to work with for long periods.

    The steadicam alternative is called the merlin which is much nicer to use.

  3. I work for the Kennedy Center as we just unboxed out glidecam 4000. We've almost got it where we want it in terms of balance. We've been with removing springs, adding weights, etc... Anything you can tell us about how you got your balanced properly?

  4. Hi Phil Drop me an email to and i can talk you through it.



  5. hi phil,

    Basically it depends on the camera, i have found that you can never get it 100% sorted, I was tending to re-balance after each take.

    What camera are you using on it?



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